Erin Shannon Hatzis

Post-doctoral Fellow

Period of Service

January 2006 - August 2007 

Research Project Title

Impulsivity and Information Processing in Adolescent Cannabis Abuse

Methylphenidate and Adolescent Behavioral Impulsivity 

After the NRLC

Dr. Erin Shannon Hatzis went on to post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Wake Forest University Health Sciences working with Drs. Linda Porrino and Anthony Liguori.

Selected Publications with the NRLC

Impulsivity, attention, memory, and decision-making among adolescent marijuana users

Dougherty, D. M., Mathias, C. W., Dawes, M. A., Furr, R. M., Charles, N. E., Liguori, A., Shannon, E. E., Acheson, A.  (2013).

Psychopharmacology, 226, 307-319.      PubMed     Free in PMC

Cognitive impairments in adolescent cannabis abusers are related to THC levels.
Shannon, E., Mathias, C. W., Dougherty, D. M., and Liguori, A.  (2010). 
Addictive Behaviors and Their Treatment, 9, 158-163.

The Adaptive Visual Analog Scales (AVAS):
A modifiable software program for the creation, administration, and scoring of visual analog scales.

Marsh-Richard, D. M., Hatzis, E. S., Mathias, C. W., Venditti, N., and Dougherty, D. M.  (2009). 
Behavior Research Methods, 41, 99-106. PubMed     PubMed Central

Impulsivity and clinical symptoms among adolescents with non-suicidal self-injury with or without attempted suicide.
Dougherty, D. M., Mathias, C. W., Marsh-Richard, D. M., Prevette, K. N., Dawes, M. A., Hatzis, E. S., Palmes, G., and Nouvion, S. O. (2009). 
Psychiatry Research, 169, 22-27.     PubMed

A test of alcohol dose effects on multiple behavioral measures of impulsivity. 
Dougherty, D.M., Marsh-Richard, D.M., Hatzis E.S., Nouvion, S.O., and Mathias, C.W. (2008). 
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 96, 111-120.    PubMed     PubMed Central

The relationship of inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and psychopathy among adolescents. 
Mathias, C.W., Furr, R.M., Daniel, S.S., Marsh, D.M., Shannon, E.E., and Dougherty, D.M.  (2007). 
Personality and Individual Differences, 43, 1333-1343 

Teenagers don't always lie: Characteristics and correspondence of  telephone and in person reports of adolescent drug use. 
Shannon, E.E., Mathias, C.W., Marsh, D.M., Dougherty, D.M., and Liguori, A. (2007).
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 90, 288-291.     PubMed     PubMed Central

Laboratory measures of impulsivity on adolescent marijuana users. 
Shannon, E.E., Duncan, C.R., Mathias, C.W., Marsh, D.M., Liguori, A., Dougherty, D.M.  (2007, June). 
Poster to be presented at the 69th annual meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Acute alcohol administration increases laboratory measurements of impulsivity. 
Shannon, E.E., Marsh, D.M., Mathias, C.W. and  Dougherty, D.M. (2007).
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 31, 48A.

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