Alan C. Swann, M.D.

Menninger Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Baylor College of Medicine


1968 B.S. Chemistry Tulane University, LA
1972 M.D. Medicine University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX

Selected Publications with the NRLC

Manic symptoms and impulsivity during bipolar depressive episodes. 
Swann, A.C., Moeller, F. G. , Steinberg, J.L., Schneider, L., Barratt, E.S., and Dougherty, D.M. (2007).
Bipolar Disorders, 9, 206-212. PubMed

Impulsivity and BOLD fMRI activation in MDMA users and healthy control subjects.
Valdes, I. H., Steinberg, J. L., Narayana, P. A., Kramer, L. A., Dougherty, D. M., Swann, A. C., Barratt, E. S., and Moeller, F. G. (2006). 
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 147, 239-242.

Reduced anterior corpus callosum white matter integrity is related to increased impulsivity and reduced discriminability in cocaine-dependent subjects: diffusion tensor imaging.
Moeller, F. G., Hasan, K. M., Steinberg, J. L., Kramer, L. A., Dougherty, D. M., Santos, R. M., Valdes, I., Swann, A. C., Barratt, E. S., and Narayana,
P. A. (2005).

Neuropsychopharmacology, 30, 610-617. 

Acute yohimbine increases laboratory-measured impulsivity in normal subjects.
Swann, A. C., Birnbaum, D., Jagar, A. A., Dougherty, D. M., and Moeller, F. G. (2005). 
Biological Psychiatry, 57, 1209-1211. 

Increased impulsivity associated with severity of suicide attempt history in bipolar disorder. 
Swann, A. C., Dougherty, D. M., Pazzaglia, P. J., Pham, M., Steinberg, J. L., and Moeller, F. G. (2005). 
American Journal of Psychiatry, 162, 1680-1687

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