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New Grants Awarded

  • Dr. Alexander Wasserman was appointed to the T32 Training in Drug Abuse Research: Behavior and Neurobiology (PI: Dr. Charles France)

  • Latisha Swygert (University of Southern Mississippi) was funded through the National Institute on Drug Abuse Summer Research Internship Program to obtain training on the project Consequences of Adolescent Substance Use on the Development of Impulse Control (R01-DA026868-07S1).

Meetings & Presentations

Texas Research Society on Alcoholism, 2019 San Antonio

  • Dr. Wasserman - presented on The development of impulsivity and sensation seeking predicting substance use among adolescents with or without a family history of substance use.

  • Dr. Blackledge - presented on Examining the indirect effects resilience between impulsiveness and adolescent substance use initiation, AND Developmental trajectories of impulse control and sensation-seeking across adolescence among at-risk sample of youth with family history of substance use.

  • Dr. Moon - presented on The impact of loss of control and negative alcohol expectancies on motivation to change alcohol use among drunk driving recidivists.

  • Dr. Hill-Kapturczak - presented on Comparison of the extraction of phosphatidylethanol 16:0/18:1 and16:0/18:2 from human blood using isopropanol/hexan or methanol.

  • Dr. Karns-Wright - presented on Drinking levels prior to and post-screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment of individuals arrested for alcohol impaired driving.

Texas Statewide Impaired Driving Forum, 2019 Pflugerville

  • Dr. Mathias was an invited speaker on Developing a Practical Post-Arrest Health Intervention for Alcohol Impaired DriversProgram

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