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Treatment & Research

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Treatment Services

Motivational Alcohol Treatment to Enhance Roadway Safety (MATTERS)


The MATTERS program provides treatment to adults who have experienced alcohol-related driving offenses (e.g. DWI or DUI).

Treatment is delivered at no cost to adults with DWI's to reduce harmful alcohol use.

Treatment services include: risk assessment, motivational enhancement, contingency management, individual therapy, and alcohol monitoring.

To find out if you might qualify for treatment services through the MATTERS program, please call (210) 567-2752. All calls are confidential.

All services are FREE of charge.

Health Education

The NRLC routinely conducts educational and training programs pertinent to the mental health topics that we have expertise in.

We are starting to compile a directory of this information for our internet audience.

The following lists some of our health resources:

If you are interested in having a member of the NRLC speak to your group on one of these or similar health topics please contact us.